Monday, 3 September 2012

Quick Holiday Update :)

Oh my goodness, my lovely people, I haven't written in yonks and for that I am truly sorry, however the start of September = the start of actual school and therefore I won't be gallivanting off around (until Christmas, sorry again!) so posts on this blog and on my channel (check it out here) until December.

So where do I begin? I had a lovely two weeks in Turkey, we stayed about 45 minutes from Marmaris in a lovely hotel called the Dionysos, then moved to a villa called Payam Evi for the second week. I had a great time with all my famalam, except there were a few mishaps, including me almost fainting while hearing about how olive oil is made, during lunch ON THE SAME DAY I got stung by a bee, luckily the rep had a special suckey, plunger device called an Aspivenin (available at Boots) which sucked out all the poison so it didn't hurt too much....unlike the wasp sting I got the next day, which happened at about 7:30am, and there was no-one around with the Aspivenin device so it hurt A LOT more and itched LIKE CRAZY. Anyway, on the last day of the holiday we went on a boat trip, and at the first stop we made I sort of dropped my iPhone in the sea.

So that didn't work after being submerged in water for about a minute (even though my sister being a top swimmer for the county dived in and saved it from being lost forever to the fishes) and I had to pay £120 for a new one, but miraculously I had saved all my data and photos etc to iCloud and the SIM card worked fine so the new iPhone I have has everything on it - yes!

The following day we were transferred to the airport, and someone, somewhere (i.e. Mum not checking our flight times) had got the times mixed up - we arrived at the airport, thinking we were getting the 5:50pm flight. Mum casually asked the rep what would happen the otherside, as we had flown from a primate terminal, how would we get back there? The rep check the list and couldn't find us, asked to look at our itinerary, and lo and behold we had ALMOST, like 2 minutes away from the check-in for our flight closing (our actual flight was at 4:30) so we rushed through security and had about 15 minutes to grab some food - Dalaman airport is the most expensive in the world, so word of warning: MacDonald's large fries cost £4 and 2 lots of nuggets and chips with a bottle of water was £20, when it should be about £5.

So after all that debacle, including me thinking Bear Grylls was on our flight when he wasn't (but the guy looked extremely like him) I arrived home safety.

Back to school purchases video coming asap!

Love, peace and chocolate,

Curly Cutie xxx