Monday, 29 October 2012

My Month in Pictures: October!

Well my lovely interweb peeps (oh my, I promise never to say *peeps* again...) November is almost upon us - do not fret, for only 30 days later it will be December and Christmas will be fast approaching! Having already done some of my Christmas shopping (before Halloween, *gulp*) I am seriously feeling festive already - I have a feeling watching 'Love Actually' on the way to Edinburgh in the middle of October was not the most sensible idea... Anyway, here are a selection of my photos from this month (most from Instagram) - enjoy!
'Pinch Punch' - see review here! 
My Mulberry Alexa - best birthday present ever! 
The Savoy 
Holly has become a victim of technology-confusion. 
What an exciting life I lead...

Holly is sociable, I promise...
Me enjoying Edinburgh (scarf - bought on holiday; jacket - Zara) 
Holly and I in 21212
New Primark booties!
I seem to have a knack for taking pictures of people asleep...
Been on my 'to-read' list for a while!
Scenic walk
Yes, Jessie, is there something you wanted? 
Spying the 1D fitties in Company *cue swooning over Hazza's hair*
The new J.K. Rowling book!
I mean, it's a gift.
Pappa C's thoughts on Further Maths A-Level 
Seeing Wicked for the second time - Rachel Tucker's last night as Elphaba!
My AMAZING friends from West End Stage, Caitlin, Emma, Rebekka and Caprice, stayed behind at the stage door after the show and got everyone to sign my programme as a surprise :)
'No, Emily, I am certainly not chewing Pappa C's jacket. No way. Not at all.'
Well, there you have it: my October! Looking forward to November - well I say that, what I actually means is that I'm looking forward to it being over so then IT'S CHRISTMAS.

I'm not excited though, as you can tell....

Love, peace and chocolate,

Curly Cutie xxx