Monday, 22 October 2012

Topshop Nails by Louise Gray Review!

Hello lovely people of the interweb, here's another blog post for you and this time I will be reviewing a nail varnish from Topshop!

This nail varnish is by Louise Gray, who has collaborated with Topshop with AW12 to create a make-up collection, and I purchased 'Pinch Punch' (Fleur from Fleur De Force reviewed it at the end of the summer, check out her review here!) I thought the colour was super pretty and I do love a bit of pink glitter!

'Pinch Punch' (taken from the Topshop website)
When applied, this nail varnish was super lush - it was a little difficult to try and get the glitter evenly spread on each nail but I think the finished result looked great! Also, I didn't find it difficult to do my right hand (as I normally do as I am right-handed) with this nail polish for some reason, so that's a bonus!
However, the second day after I'd applied it the nail varnish started chipping quite badly - I hadn't applied base or top coat (and they do recommend you do online) so if you're looking for a nail varnish that doesn't require these steps or that doesn't take a lot of time, this isn't for you!

This nail varnish is available nationwide and online, and is £6.50

Love, peace and chocolate,

Curly Cutie xxx
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