Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hello blog friends!

Well, hello there blog friends!

This is my first blog post, and I think most of you will have been sent here from my YouTube channel, Curly Cutie (link in the sidebar) but if you haven't, or if you'd like to know a bit more about me, I thought I'd give myself a little introduction! So, here it is:

Hi there! I'm Emily, a.k.a, Curly Cutie and I am a blogger, (recent addition to my list of hobbies!) YouTuber, and all-around fashion and beauty obsessed person! I'm 15 and I live near Milton Keynes. I'm currently in Year 10, studying hard for my GCSEs at the moment! My username comes from my hair (which is curly, shock horror!) and the 'cutie' part was alliteration (not passing comment on my 'cutie' status...)

This blog and my YouTube channel were set up in April 2012 in order for me to present my thoughts about everything from the latest trends to my week in pictures, my wish list to my outfit of the day posts - any suggestions are always welcome. Although I'm busy at school and with other projects, I always try to update my blog and YouTube channel as much as possible and I always try to reply to the very kind and thoughtful comments you lovelies leave for me!

Well, I hope that answered any of the questions you might have, or didn't think you had but you've got the answers anyhoo!

Love, peace and chocolate,

Curly Cutie :) xx