Monday, 13 August 2012

A Week in Good Old London Town!

Hello lovely people of the interweb, how I have missed you! Today's post is going to be slightly different, as for the past week I've been in London to attend West End Stage summer school, which is an intensive course in drama, singing, dance and stage combat ready for a performance in Her Majesty's Theatre at the end of the week - it was BEYOND brilliant, you can check out the website here! Anyway, due to the train tickets being EXTORTIONATE during peak time my mum decided that on a few of the nights she, myself and my sister would stay in London a little later to enjoy some culture so we could save a bit of dosh, and therefore this post was born! Please enjoy the below pics and comments on how I spent this week!

Monday - St. Paul's Cathedral

I spotted a really cool retro bus outside the cathedral, and I found out later that it's a heritage Routemaster bus that does a shortened version of route 15 - defo going to catch this retro vehicle the next time I see it!

St. Paul's Cathedral - a mighty building and a lovely place in visit on a cool summer evening. The cathedral was breathtaking!

Tuesday - British Library                                      
The British Library had two lovely exhibitions, one called Olympex 2012 all about the history of the Olympic Games, and another called Writing Britain all about how the landscapes and landmarks of Britain have inspired writers throughout the ages, featuring many handwritten first drafts of novels including (my favourite!) a handwritten version of the chapter featuring King's Cross Station in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone!

Wednesday - Kerry Ellis visit!

Kerry Ellis, a musical theatre goddess who has appeared in We Will Rock You, Oliver!, My Fair Lady, Les Miserables and most notably was the first British Elphaba in the hit musical Wicked! She came to West End Stage and gave a Q and A, and then performed 'Defying Gravity' from Wicked - definitely some amazing lunch time entertainment!

Thursday - Shrek the Musical and Olympic Basketball 

As part of West End Stage, we got to go and see Shrek the Musical on Thursday - I loved it, especially being surrounded by lots of musical theatre lovers from the school and afterwards we got to have a Q and A with some of the cast members. It was a great atmosphere, and we all cheered really loudly when two of the cast, Bradley and Ricardo, came on stage as they had given us a workshop the day before!
My lovely gang of girls from West End Stage - Maria, Laura, Chloe, Ella, Ellie and Danielle :)
Having tried and failed to get Olympic tickets, we managed to score (ahem) some to the women's second semi-final between France and Russia at the O2 - having got them very last minute we were amazed at having received seats in a suite with such a good view! An amazing atmosphere and very well played to both teams - basketball is a very fast-paced game but I (sort of!) managed to keep up with the scoreboard...
Goodbye to the Olympics!

Sunday - the performance, eeekkk....

When Sunday came and with it the performance, we were all super nervous and super excited! It went really well and I truly have made some friends for life this week :)

Love, peace and chocolate,

Curly Cutie xxx