Tuesday, 2 October 2012

September Glossybox!

Okay, so to start this Glossybox post I have a bone to pick with this brand - having had a quick look at the products I looked on the website to see what other products were available this month AND APPARENTLY this month had the theme of London Fashion Week - now I did not think this before or after finding out this brand new information.The little card says that this month's box is deisgned to 'introduce you to some of the most exciting rising stars'  - three of the five products are (I would say) well-known high-street available products which have been around for a while - oh well, onwards and upwards. Onto the review!
L'ombre a Paupiere Margarita - I was excited about make-up in my Glossybox as I hadn't received any make-up products through the box before, however I was bitterly disappointed - the swatches below show how unpigmented the shades were and I could literally remove them by rubbing my eye - not for me. 
Swatches from the eyeshadow palette.
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - this make-up remover did remove my mascara well however it smudged it all over my hands (as per the instructions on the bottle) and then I had to use a face wipe and make-up remover to remove all the smudged mascara around and under my eyes and on my hands. Not for me.
All About Eve for the Eve Appeal Eve's Balm (lots of Eve's, then...) - This lipbalm is literally the saving grace of this month's box - it smells exactly like Carmex but unlike that lipbalm it doesn't sting your lips and is instead soothing. Also, you can use it on dry skin as unlike Vaseline it doesn't look greasy. Top marks!

Lipcote - I never wear lipstick, so not for me.

Glossybox Lipstick in Glossy Pink - Again, another failed make-up product - no pigment and looked almost doll-esque on my pale skin, not for me!
Swatch of the lipstick

Alessandro Pro White - again, a product which solves a problem I don't have, not for me!

September Glossybox: 
Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance, Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial, Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream, Body Shop Vitamin E Mositure Cream and L'Oreal Professional Tecni Art Full Volume Extra Mousse.

Will see you beauts next time!

Love, peace and chocolate,

Curly Cutie xxx