Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hair Masks: Herbal Essences vs. John Frieda vs. Aussie

Hey guys, and welcome to today's post: a little departure from the usual reviews here on Curly Cutie however I thought I'd do a little VERSUS match between three hair masks, from Herbal Essences, John Frieda and Aussie respectively and I hope to be doing some more of these!

In 3rd place.... it's the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Miraculous Recovery Intensive Masque, 99p for 25ml (satchet pictured below.)

What does John Frieda say?

Saturates, quenches and replenishes to restore balance, softness and shine for smooth, frizz-defying results.

Helps hair bounce back from the stresses of blow-drying, styling and daily wear and tear.

What do I say?

This mask didn't make my hair feel as soft as the other two, and it didn't get rid of my frizz either, which is kinda in the name of the product so that was a disappointment! This mask also left the roots of my hair feeling a bit greasy and I had to wash my hair sooner than I expected because of this. This mask gets a 2/5 from me!

In 2nd place..... it's the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy Deep Treatment, 99p for 20ml (satchet pictured below.'

What does Aussie say? 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy is a deep moisturising hair treatment to tame your frizz. Strong enough to moisturise and control major frizz and gentle enough to use as often as you like.

What do I say? 

I love Aussie products - all of my conditioning hair sprays are from there and I was really looking forward to this, however I was a bit let down! This mask didn't leave my hair smelling as nice as the other Aussie shampoos and conditioners I've tried in the past and like with the John Frieda, it didn't tame all my frizz but did tame it a bit and also made my hair a bit more manageable and more lightweight somehow! 4/5 from me!

And in 1st place.... it's the Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Soft Waves Mask, £3.99 for 200ml (see pot pictured below.) 

What does Herbal Essences say? 

Wave hello to luscious swirls and goodbye to flyaways. I'll transport you all the way to tumbling, tousled tresses.

What do I say?

Oh my goodness - the first time I tried this I thought my high hopes had been dashed and that this post would be a disaster because I didn't fall in love with any of them! However, this was my own fault - you are supposed to use this INSTEAD of conditioner and I had used it AS WELL AS conditioner which (obviously) left my hair quite greasy and weighed down, but the second time I used it it left my hair so soft and usually, the first morning after I've had freshly washed hair my curls expand so I look in the mirror and find Hagrid looking back at me! But not to fear, this hair mask kept my waves intact over night with the lovely Herbal Essences scent still there to boot! This gets a 5/5 from me! 

Love, peace and chocolate,

Curly Cutie xxx