Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Blogs I Love

Hello lovelies, today's post consists of me gushing about all the blogs I love - these are all beauty and fashion related, but I'll probably do a 'YouTubers I Love' blog post soon which will feature some vloggers and other such funny peeps. Enjoy!

NB: I spent WAY too much time doing this on Paint, procrastinating from stressing about exams. Oops.

Charlestown Vintage - Charlie's blog is full of photos of such vintage, cute clothing that I wish I had her wardrobe every time I look at her posts. I also wish I could rock a hat as well as her - 'nuff said.

Cider with Rosie - Rosie has THE cutest dog ever (after my Jessie, of course) and Teddy looks almost identical to Jessie (I swoon over cute dogs, OKAY?!) I always love her meal posts and her '10 things that have made me happy this week' posts inspire me.

Fashion Rocks My Socks - Rhiannon shares my Topshop obsession, and her outfit posts always make me wish I lived in her closet. She is one of my blogger-style icons, and we also have similar hair (stick with me) which means any hair products she mentions I CAN ACTUALLY USE WITH SUCCESS. (I did have a point with the hair comparison...)

What I Heart Today - Lily posts everything from super helpful reviews to FOTDs, and I think she's super relatable and easy to watch on her YouTube channel.

Fleur De Force - Fleur is such a make-up guru, and I also watch her favourites and haul videos to inspire my own purchases.

tea.toast.fashion - Livvy's photography is truly amazing, with cute outfits and landscapes portrayed brilliantly, and her blog has also fuelled my Cath Kidston passion

essie button - Essie's Canadian humour and great tutorials make her blog and YouTube channel must-sees.

jazzabelle's diary - lovely photography, great style, amazing clothes: this blog has it all. Jazzabelle is truly stunning, and I swoon at her outfits everytime.

What Olivia Did - Olivia's style tops every other blogger out there (in my humble opinion) and she also fuelled my interest in a certain Mulberry bag. Swoon.

Milkteef - If you want great reviews with clear photography, check out milkteef.

Sprinkle of Glitter - Louise posts outfits, reviews and positive posts which always light up my day. She's such a lovely person and someone super relatable - something I often struggle to find in the bloggersphere.

Dotty Dolly - Another girl who can ROCK a hat. Grrrr.

Zoella - Zoe's YouTube videos are super, and never fail to make me laugh - she's a beauty you all need to check out.

Love, peace and chocolate,

Curly Cutie xxx