Tuesday, 30 April 2013

MAC Collection

Hi everyone! Today's post is all about the things I have in my make-up collection from MAC! I love delving in videos like this, seeing what everyone's got (I'm a nosy parker!) and I hope you enjoy this - just a quick note to say that most of my posts recently and in the near future have been scheduled as I am in the midst of exam season (as I suppose some of you are too!) but I do have a post coming up on Friday about the R word (dun dun dun... revision!) so if you need any tips or anything check that one out - I just thought I'd let you know, although I'm still updating my Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram (links at the end.) Much love x

I don't have too many things from MAC - my local counter is in a department store, and is always super busy and I have to wait AGES for anyone to speak to me/serve me, so I haven't actually purchased anything from MAC in a little while. The brand is a little pricey, which always makes me hesitant (and I'm always on the look-out for dupes) but sometimes you get what you pay for!

I have: Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 in the shade 1.0, 6 eyeshadows (5 swatched below) and 3 brushes: the 217, 212 (both for eyes) and the 187 (for the face.) 

I love the MAC brushes, and I get the most use out of the former two, but they simply are one of the best brands around for brushes - rivalled only, in my opinion, by Real Techniques brushes, which are cheaper. 

Swatched L-R (including thumb): Mulch, Honey Lust, Woodwinked, Satin Taupe and Patina. 

Mulch (as you can't really see it in the piccie above)

MAC eyeshadows form most of my collection - they have great staying power and are best left alone - I'll just sweep the shade over my lid and be done with it. Woodwinked and Honey Lust are good night-time shades as they are more sparkly/glittery, and Satin Taupe is a little too dark for me as an all-over colour, but is good for a softer smoky eye.

I haven't swatched Carbon, one of eyeshadows, because it's just a basic, brilliant black which I use with the 212 brush for eyeliner as I CANNOT apply liquid or pencil eyeliner to save my life.

The last product in my MAC collection is the Matchmaster foundation, which I love on my bad skin days as it gives quite heavy coverage, however I have to use my Face Soap and Clarity face wash from Soap and Glory beforehand to exfoliate my skin, otherwise it doesn't sit well or sink in over my dry areas (particularly at the top of my nose, on my forehead and on my cheeks.)

What is your favourite MAC product?

Love, peace and chocolate,

Curly Cutie xxx