Tuesday, 23 April 2013

'There's a beautiful storm in your eyes, we're perfectly intertwined...'

Recently I've been posting non-beauty related things on this blog, such as the Movie Challenge, which I got a good response to, so today I thought I'd spill the beans on some tracks and artists I've been rating lately - enjoy!

Spice Girls - Wannabe

Tom Odell - Another Love

 Bastille - Pompeii  
 The 1975 - Chocolate

Ellie Goudling - Explosions

The Killers - Mr Brightside

Lewis Watson - The Wild EP

Bit of a random selection but hey ho, that's my music taste for you! The SPICE GIRLS are just classic, and we recently had a competition at school where a group sang this, dressed up as the fab five, and since then I haven't been able to stop singing it! TOM ODELL won Critic's Choice at this year's Brit Awards, and rightly so - his songs are just so beautiful and soulful. BASTILLE make the best tunes to revise to, while Radio 1 seemingly can't stop playing THE 1975, and I don't mind one bit - 'Chocolate' is gonna be the soundtrack to this summer. Another beautiful song from ELLIE GOULDING, who seemingly can do style of music - I also love her new song with Calvin Harris. THE KILLERS are the most awesomest band EVER, and this song reminds me of the film 'The Holiday', when Cameron Diaz gets VERY drunk and sings this VERY loudly, until Jude Law bursts in. Oh, if only. And finally, LEWIS WATSON is a singer-songwriter who my sister introduced me too - he's amaze, like Ed Sheeran, but different. Check him out! 

Love, peace and chocolate,

Curly Cutie xxx

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